Assemblies To Reduce Bullying, Increase Respect And Change The Way Your School Handles Bullying.
These Motivational Seminars Are Ideal For Teens and Children.

All programs are guaranteed to be inspirational,
entertaining and educational.

Programs for Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Teachers and Parents

School Assemblies

Mike’s school assemblies are designed to be fun, interesting, educational and age specific.

H.E.R.O. – Helping everyone respect others, turns students into everyday heroes.  Kids learn that don’t need to be Spiderman to help people out.  Mike will identify the four basic types of bullying for students and take them on an emotional journey "from victim to victory" that will enable students the opportunity to walk in his shoes who, as a target of bullying was able to turn from hate to hope.

Using character based principles of courage, respect and teamwork, students will learn through powerful stories and examples, how they can stop bullying  and help kids who are being targeted.

This assembly is one hour in length.  Assemblies for elementary, middle and high schools are available and differ according to the age group. Using language and stories that are age appropriate keep students mentally focused on the topics of the HERO assembly.

A free assertiveness training workshop is included to any school booking the HERO assembly.      

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Dear Mike,
"Following your assembly, and for the next few days, we have had many students come forward that were the bystander or the victim in a bullying situation.  I feel that they found some confidence and a "voice" enabling them to come forward to teachers and administration.  The assembly feedback from the students was positive and at times during the assembly those 481 students were so intently listening it didn't seem like there was anyone in the room.  The breaking of boards/labels was a great finale to the presentation.  Feedback from the staff included "the material was relevant to these students and Mike's presentation was "excellent", "great assembly", "well worth the time!", "interesting stories, lively activity".

Thank you again for your excellent presentations to our students and parents.


Noveline Beltram, Principal          Thompson Middle School        (860) 923-9380

Parent Workshops

  1. The warning signs of bullying.
  2. What makes your child a target.
  3. Bullying's greatest MYTHS.
  4. What if your child is the bully?
  5. The risks of being bullied.- "bullycide" - the dirty secret of the bully target.
  6. How to handle the bully situation.

Special Bonus

CYBER-bullying - The Bathroom Wall of the Millenium

Teacher In-Service/Staff Development

Dear Educator,

Thanks for your inquiry on my anti bully programs.

Jocks, Freaks, Geeks & Gangs: Ways to End Bullying in School


  • Identifying Bullying in Your School & Stopping It
    • Discover which kids are being bullied & why
    • What are the targets for bullies- Predators vs. Prey
    • Where Bullying occurs- Playground, Bathrooms and More
    • How to get students who are being bullied to speak up
  • How to Handle Bullies in School- What You Need to Know
    • How Teachers & Administrators should intervene
    • Solutions for pushing, fighting and threats
    • Tips for ending bullying on the playground, cafeteria & off campus
  • Communicating with Students and Parents- Interventions & Discipline
    • How to Deal with parents who say "Not My Child"
    • Ways teachers and administration can stop bullying
    • Necessary Intervention Strategies that work
    • How to get students to speak up
  • Live question and answer session - Hear expert answers to all your bullying questions.


Cyber bullying - Learn about the new bathroom wall of the Millenium and what you can do about it. Learn about cyberbullying dangers and how you can coach your students to deal with this potentially dangerous situation.

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"Discover The Speaker Who Has Convinced
1,000's Of Students That Bullying Is Wrong"

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